Jan, 1982
MSc. in Structure Design

Civil Engineering

University of Sulaymaniyah

Jan, 1980
BSc. Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering

University of Sulaymaniyah

Jan, 1989
Assistant Lecturer
Professional Experience
Oct, 2012 - Jan, 2015
Head of Department

Zakho Technical Institute - ZTI

Department of Surveying

Managing, monitoring and cooperation with staff and students in all daily academic years.

Safe design of structures:

− The design and its intended purpose. − Materials to be used. − Possible methods of construction, maintenance, operation, demolition or dismantling and disposal, and − What legislation, codes of practice and standards need to be considered and complied with.

Structural Engineering:

Reading Drawings, read it right. Structural behaviour. Structural Analysis. Structural Dynamics. Building codes. Structural design. Structural engineering software.

Software Application:

1- Microsoft Office ( Word, Excel and Powerpoint). 2- AutoCAD 2-D and 3-D Software.

Research Interests::

Structure analysis, Design and Consulting. Special interest group on managing structural complexity is to bring together researchers focused on research and application of managing complex structures such as product architectures, process networks or organisational structures. The Special interest group focuses on how structural patterns can be recognised, modelled, analysed, improved and purposefully put into use in the context of engineering design.

Other Interests and Activities::

Reading, Walking, Table Tennis, Swimming and Walking....