Aug, 1999

Mechanical Engineering/ Applied Mechanics

University of Technology

Sep, 1993

Mechanical Engineering/ General Mechanics

University of Technology

Professional Experience
Oct, 2017 - May, 2019
Head of Dept.

Duhok Technical Institute

Duhok/ Duhok Polytechnic University

Head of mechanical dept. in Duhok Technical Institute

Mar, 2009 - May, 2019

Duhok Technical Institute

Duhok/ Duhok Polytechnic University

- Giving lectures in the following materials : Engineering mechanics ( Statics and Dynamics) for 1st. and 2nd. class Engineering drawings for 1st. class Manufacturing processes / 2nd. class - In charge of Quality Assurance Unit for 5 years

Dec, 2005 - May, 2009

University of Technology

Iraq/ Baghdad

Giving lectures in University of Technology / Baghdad in the fields; - Engineering mechanics / Dynamics & Statics for 1st. and 2nd. class - Engineering drawing for 1st. class - Design of machine elements for 3rd. and 4th. class - laboratory of strength of material

Jul, 2001 - Sep, 2006
Sales Engineer

Wajdi Technical Expert

Baghdad / Aqba Sq.

the above company represent German company that deals in : Submitting offer of pumps, compressors, valves, ball bearings, in addition to the pipes and welding machines , Signing contracts with : ministry of Oils , Ministry of Electricity , ......etc. Following up contract form signing till receiving all the money by the manufacturer and reaching the materials to final destination

Jan, 2000 - Feb, 2001
in charge of maintenance dept.

Eastern Company for Frozen Food

Iraq/ Al-Swera

The company consists of several production line , one of them was produced Yogurt in addition to juice

Establishing scientific studies:

Scientific studies had been made in opening the following depts. : Automobile dept. within our dept. 2017 Automated manufacturing within our dept. 2019 due to high costs of opening these two depts. they was not processing

Sep, 2018 - Aug, 2019
institute council


Duhok/ Duhok Polytechnic University

Publication Journal
Dec, 2020
Determination of the Neck Size between Powders during Sintering Process Using Finite Element Methods

journal of civil engineering frontier (Issue: 2) (Volume: 1)

Today, sintering considers one of the significant process that can be use in powder technology to produce a new solid product from powders using thermal energy. Many parameters can be successfully controlled by this process such as temperature, Particle size, process time, structure geometry, powder density and powder composition. Study and analysis the behaviour of powder during sintering process was carried out using finite element methods. The simulation provides two styles of discrete method and Qusi-static method. This research contributes two types of processes in order to simulate the copper powder during sintering process and to determine the variation through using contact and shrinkage ratios of powder behaviours. Finally, a comparison between the two styles of discrete element method explains how the selected parameters were impact on sintering process.

Aug, 2019
Using a Non-Conforming Meshes Method to Simulate an Interaction Between Incompressible Flow and Rigid and Elastic Boundaries

Mechanika (Issue: 4) (Volume: 25)

The interaction between incompressible fluids and elastic and rigid boundaries is seen in many medical, engi-neering and natural issues. The immersed interface method is used as a non-conforming meshes method to simulate such problems. An important advantage of this method is that there is no compulsion to adapt the fluid grids and the boundary grids. First, the flow around a circular cylinder was simulated. As the Reynolds number rises, the vortex di-mensions become larger and, as a result, the separation an-gle of the flow increases. Also, with the Reynolds number increasing, the drag coefficient decreases and the Strouhal number increases. Also observed that the sick cell makes smaller defor-mation, while the normal cell is more de-formed and easier passes the stenosis. This results in reduc-tion of the flow rate in stenosis. This behavior is caused by a type of dis-ease called sickle cell anemia.

Jul, 2019

International Journal of Mechanical and Production Engineering Research and Development (IJMPERD) (Issue: 4) (Volume: 9)

In this paper, shape change of the elastic and rigid boundary in a micro-channel is simulated. The rings are considered as elastic boundaries immersed in the fluid flow. In this study, we use the Immersed Interface Method to simulate the flow around rigid objects and movement of the flexible objects. In this method, there is no compulsion to match the object mesh and the flow mesh. The results were found to be in good agreement with available data. First, the simultaneous motion of multiple membranes in a micro-channel and their interaction with each other and with flow are evaluated. In addition, simultaneous presence of multiple membranes would result in a reduction in the flow velocity. Finally, the effects of changes in the elastics and bending moduli on the deformation of cell are considered.

Jul, 2018
Effect of Naphtha on Blending Alcohol Diesel Fuel on C.I. Engine ‎Performance ‎

journal of Duhok University (Issue: 1) (Volume: 20)

A comparison of diesel engine performance landmarks when blending ethanol alcohol and Naphtha as assistant factor with diesel fuel had been experimentally made. The used blending ratio is 5% Naphtha, 90% pure Gas oil and 5% ethanol alcohol. The exhaust temperature has been decreased, and the fuel consumption seen to be less accompanied with increasing in energy due to ability of blend to burn completely, which yields lower economic point, in addition to the brake thermal efficiency and Air/Fuel ratio increased in mixed fuel with increasing the engine speed, which means an enhancement in operating performance.

May, 2019
طرق توفير استهلاك وقود السيارات

Mechanics, hall 11 / Duhok Technical Institute As Presenter

May, 2019
mounting and dismounting of bearings

Mechanics, hall 11 / Duhok Technical Institute As Presenter

May, 2019
catalytic converter in vehicles

Mechanics, hall 11 / Duhok Technical Institute As Presenter