Jan, 2015
Master of Science in Management

Business Management

University of Leicester / UK

Jul, 2008
B.A in Administration

Business Administration

University of Duhok / Kurdistan - Iraq

Professional Experience
Oct, 2017 - Jun, 2019
Head of Department Business Administration

Technical College of Administration / Duhok Polytechnic University

Duhok – Kurdistan


Feb, 2017 - Oct, 2017
Head of Department Bank Management

Technical Institute of Administration / Duhok Polytechnic University

Duhok – Kurdistan


Jul, 2009 - Dec, 2015
Head of department Studies and Research

Directorate General of Investment in Duhok

Duhok – Kurdistan


Jan, 2009 - Jul, 2009

Mam Company

Zakho / Kurdistan


Computer Skills (IT):

Applications: Microsoft Office Suite, Internet Explorer, Windows, Graphic Design (Photoshop), and SPSS

Management Skills:

Leadership, Team work, Time Management, Communication, Managing Diversity

Reading Books , Playing Games: Foot Ball , Tennis and Swimming , Travelling:

Reading books in my field (Management) and others related to Human resources development, Traveling to discover new places and to see and interact with different cultures

Sep, 2018 - Current
Rescue Project (DPU) Staff


Duhok - Iraq

Jul, 2010 - Current
Economists Syndicate


Duhok - Iraq

Nov, 2008 - Current
Accountants and Auditors Syndicate


Duhok - Iraq

Publication Journal
Nov, 2022

Acta logistica - International Scientific Journal about Logistics (Issue: 4) (Volume: 9)

Abstract: The current study aims to provide an overview of the role of electronic human resources management practices (E-HRM) in corporate entrepreneurship (CE) in telecommunication corporations in the Duhok governorate-Kurdistan region to progress their entrepreneurial capacities through implementing E-HRM systems. The study sample was made up of 5 telecom companies. The structured questionnaire designed by the researchers was used to collect primary data, totalling 32 respondents. Data analysis was performed by different statistical methods through SPSS program. The results of the study reveal that the correlation coefficient between the variables of the study is 0.775 (Total index). This shows a positive relationship between E-HRM and Corporate Entrepreneurship, supporting the validity of the first main hypothesis of the study. The results also indicate that E-HRM practices have a significant positive effect on Corporate Entrepreneurship due to the calculated F value (45.184) is higher than its tabular value (4.17). Accordingly, the second research hypothesis has been accepted.

May, 2021
The Scope of The Management Control Role in Safeguarding the Public Assets: An exploratory study of a sample of Duhok Treasury Directorate employee’s perspectives

International Journal of Science and Business (Issue: 7) (Volume: 5)

Abstract The goal of the research is to define the role of internal and external management control in the Duhok Treasury Directorate in protecting public assets(funds) from the perspective of its employees by answering the questionnaire prepared for this purpose to find out the question raised by the research issue, which is:-What is the role of Management Control in protecting Public Assets? The research was conducted on a sample of (63) individuals employed in the Directorate of Treasury in Dohuk, and 42 appropriate for examination questionnaires were collected at a rate of (66.6%). For the purpose of obtaining the required results. Depending on some statistical methods by using the SPSS program, as follows: Some statistical techniques, such as iterations, percentages, standard deviations, and arithmetic averages, have been used to describe sample participants and diagnose study variables. Pearson correlation coefficient was used to determine the relationship between research variables, as in a ratio, to show the independent variable's impact on the dependent variable on the Linear Regression Equation. The study's main conclusions were as follows: The statistical analysis results revealed a correlation and moral effect between Management Control and the protection of public assets (Total and partial indicator) in the researched organization. The study also contained a series of recommendations: Continue to improve the relationship and collaboration between the Office of Financial and Management Control's external audit and the internal audit of government ministries' internal supervision units and the Central Coordination Unit. This is per existing international standards, ensuring the establishment of internal and external controls and procedures development. Keywords: Management Control, internal control, external control, protection of Public Assets, Dohuk Treasury Directorate.

Apr, 2021
The Role of Strategic Intelligence in Enhancing Effective Talent Management: A Study on some Academic Institutions of Duhok Governorate

Academic Journal of Nawroz University (AJNU) (Issue: 2) (Volume: 10)

ABSTRACT This paper seeks to illustrate the role of strategic intelligence in enhancing effective talent management (TM) in academic institutions of Duhok governorate. by identifying research’s major problem, which impacts strategic intelligence in enhancing talent management effectiveness in academic institutions in Duhok city? The researchers relied on its both hypotheses. The first one there is a significant relationship between strategic intelligence and effective talent management. The second is strategic intelligence has a positive impact on talent management in the academic institutions of Duhok Governorate. A questionnaire describing strategic intelligence and talent management was designed, distributed, and statistically analyzed using correlation coefficient and linear regression equation to test the research hypothesis validity. The research found that strategic intelligence affects the enhancement of talent management. The study also recommends the tested organizations to pay close and constant attention to strengthening administrative structures and teaching staff in terms of critical thinking, resourcefulness, and strategic intelligence). KEYWORDS: : Strategic Intelligence; Talent Management; Academic Institution; Academic Staff; Duhok Governorate.

Apr, 2019
The impact of organizational values on employee performance, an empirical study on banking industry in Kurdistan Region

GrowingScience / Management Science Letters (Issue: 8) (Volume: 9)

The aim of this study was to test the impact of organizational values on employee performance in banking industry in Kurdistan region. Four groups of organizational values are identified in this study based on a study accomplished by Woodcock and Francis (1989) [Woodcock & Francis, 1989).Unblocking organizational values. 1st ed., USA.]; namely managing tasks values, managing environment values, managing organization values, and managing relationship values. These were determined as independent variables and employee performance was considered as a dependent variable. Researchers assumed there is a statistically significant correlation between organizational values and employee performance. The primary data used in this study were collected from a sam- ple of 75 employees in different banks in Kurdistan region. The data were analyzed by using cor- relation and multiple regression analysis by using SPSS software. The results illustrate that organ- izational values were significantly and positively associated with employee performance in banking industry in Kurdistan region, and the strength of the correlation coefficient vary from one variable to another. Managing tasks received the highest value, with a correlation coefficient of 0.636 when the level of significant was one percent.

Nov, 2018 - Nov, 2018
Study Visit

Barcelona- Spain As Guest

A member of Rescue project (EU) from Duhok Polytechnic University.

Nov, 2018 - Nov, 2018
Study Visit

Rome-Italy As Guest

A member of Rescue project (EU) from Duhok Polytechnic University.