Dec, 2016


Firat University / Turkey

Jul, 2009


University of Duhok

Jan, 2020
Assistant Lecturer
Professional Experience
Jan, 2020 - Jul, 2020

Shekhan Technical Institite


Applied Mathematics and MATLAB software for the students of the first phase in the Department of Computer science and IT.

Oct, 2016 - Jun, 2018

Akre Technical Institute


- Mathematics subject for the students of the first phase in the Department of Surveying.

Sep, 2010 - Apr, 2020

Duhok Technical institute


- Mathematics subject for the students of the first phase in the Department of Road Construction, Surveying and Building Construction - Applied Mathematics and MATLAB software for the students of the first phase in the Department of Computer science and IT.


- Basic Concepts of Information Technology. - Using the Computer and Managing Files. - Word Processing. - Spreadsheets. - Presentation. - Information and Communication.

Course in English language:

Training about a Course in English language in Duhok University, July 2013

Teaching Method and Research Methodology:

Teaching Method and Research Methodology, #075 October 2017



Hobbies and Interests:

I enjoy reading non-fiction books, solving puzzles and socialising with friends and family.

Publication Journal
Mar, 2023
Multiple soliton and M-lump waves to a generalized B-type Kadomtsev–Petviashvili equation

Results in Physics (Issue: 2211-3797) (Volume: 48)

In this study, we focus on the (3+1)-dimensional generalized B-type Kadomtsev–Petviashvili (gBKP) equation in fluid dynamics, which is useful for modeling weakly dispersive waves transmitted in quasi media and fluid mechanics. As a general matter, this paper examines the gBKP equation including variable coefficients of time that are widely employed in plasma physics, marine engineering, ocean physics, and nonlinear sciences to explain shallow water waves. Using Hirota’s bilinear approach, one-, two, and three-soliton solutions to the problem are constructed. By employing a long-wave method, 1-M-, 2-M, and 3-M-lump solutions are derived. In addition, interaction phenomena of one-, and two-soliton solutions with one-M-lump wave are revealed. Moreover, an interaction solution between a two-M-lump wave and a one-soliton solution is also offered. The planes that M-lump waves travel among them are derived. We believe that our findings will help improve the dynamical properties of (3+1)-dimensional BKP-type equation.

Feb, 2023
Geometrical patterns of time variable Kadomtsev–Petviashvili (I) equation that models dynamics of waves in thin films with high surface tension

Nonlinear Dynamics (Volume: 111)

Abstract Lump solutions are a prominent option for numerous models of nonlinear evolution. The inten- tion of this research is to explore the variable coef- ficients Kadomtsev–Petviashvili equation. We auspi- ciously provide multiple soliton and M-lump solutions to this equation. Additionally, the presented results are also supplied with collision phenomena. Owing of its essential role, we employ appropriate parameter values to emphasis the physical characteristics of the provided results using 3D and contour charts. The outcomes of this work convey the physical characteristics of lump and lump interactions that occur in many dynamical regimes.

Jan, 2023
Multiple soliton, M-lump and interaction solutions to the (3+1)-dimensional soliton equation

Results in Physics

One of the most effective ways to understand nonlinear quantum systems is with lump solutions. The objective of this study is to acquire more about the (3+1)-dimensional soliton equation. We successfully present this equation with various solitons and M-lump solutions. We adopt specific parameter values to accentuate the physical features of the provided exact solutions through 3D and contour plots as doing so is of extreme significance. The submitted results indicate the physical qualities of lump-and-lump interaction events in various nonlinear physical processes. Keywords: Multi-soliton, Multi-M-lump, mixed solutions, Hirota direct method, long-wave method, (3+1)- dimensional soliton equation

Dec, 2022
W-shaped soliton solutions to the modified Zakharov-Kuznetsov equation of ion-acoustic waves in (3+1)-dimensions arise in a magnetized plasma

AIMS Mathematics (Issue: 2) (Volume: 8)

Abstract: This paper is presented to investigate the exact solutions to the modified Zakharov- Kuznetsov equation that have a critical role to play in mathematical physics. The tan (ϕ (ζ) /2)- expansion, (m + G′(ζ)/G(ζ))-expansion and He exponential function methods are used to reveal various analytical solutions of the model. The equation regulates the treatment of weakly nonlinear ion-acoustic waves in a plasma consisting of cold ions and hot isothermal electrons throughout the existence of a uniform magnetic field. Solutions in forms of W-shaped, singular, periodic-bright and bright are constructed. Keywords: W-shaped; modified ZK equation; exact solutions; analytical methods Mathematics Subject Classification: 35D35, 37K40

Apr, 2018 - Current
Approximate Solutions Of Two dimensional Burgers’ And Coupled Burgers’ Equations By Residual Power Series Method

CYPRUS, Girne As Guest

3rd International Conference on Computational Mathematics and Engineering Sciences