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Computer Sciences

University of Zakho

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Nov, 2018
Hardware Implementation of Firefly Optimization Algorithm Using FPGAs

International Conference on Advanced Science and Engineering (ICOASE) 2018

Mimicking natural phenomenon of social insects, such as bird flocks and insect colonies by merging randomness facility and some other simulation rules, are the core tasks of the artificial meta-heuristic algorithms. Such algorithms are the most efficient and powerful techniques used to solve various complicated real-world optimization problems. Firefly algorithm, which belongs to nature meta-heuristics algorithms, is inspired by mating and flashing behavior or the phenomenon of bioluminescent communication of fireflies in the nature. In this paper, a hardware structure design for firefly algorithm has been proposed. Firefly algorithm is executing sequentially as all meta-heuristic algorithms, due to the nature of the algorithm. Therefore, sequential hardware structure design for the algorithm using Finite State Machine (FSM) system has been proposed. The hardware design structure implementation is mapped into a …

Apr, 2017
A Novel Hybrid Bird Mating Optimizer with Differential Evolution for Engineering Design Optimization Problems

International Conference of Reliable Information and Communication Technology

This paper presents the hybridization of the Bird Mating Optimizer (BMO) with the Differential Evolution (DE) approach. BMO is a new meta-heuristic algorithm that still suffers from some drawbacks, namely the convergence speed, the poor solution quality and trapping into local optima. To overcome these insufficient, a novel BMO-DE algorithm is proposed. BMO-DE has been implemented on some standard engineering design optimization problems reported in the specialized literature and are considered to be constrained optimization ones. The original BMO was basically proposed to solve unconstrained optimization problems. Accordingly, a penalty function method has been adopted to handle the different constraints. Experimental results show that the proposed method can put forward better solutions when compared to other state-of-the-art meta-heuristic algorithms that address such a kind of

Jan, 2017
A Modified Flower Pollination Algorithm for Engineering Design Optimization Problems

Polytechnic Journal (Issue: 1) (Volume: 7)

Conventional classical optimization methods failed or were unable to resolve the tough optimization problems, on the other hand nature inspired meta-heuristic algorithms such as firefly algorithm, particle swarm algorithm and bat algorithm are powerful methods for solving various optimization problems. Recently developed flower pollination algorithm, is a promising algorithm to solve various optimization problems. This algorithm belongs to nature inspired meta-heuristic algorithms and inspired by the pollination process of the flower. In flowers, by some mechanisms the pollen is carried to stigma in order to ensure generating new generations of the species. It’s worth mentioning that in this paper a modified version of flower pollination algorithm has been used to solve three standard engineering design problems reported in the specialized literature and it is compared with the well-known algorithms that are used to solve these kind of optimization problems. The results indicate that this scheme (algorithm) is a promising technique to solve those kind of optimization problems in terms of both solution quality and run-time efficiency as it obtains excellent solution quality results with a low number of iterations or low number (of objective functions evaluations) and a good run-time efficiency with faster execution time.

Jun, 2019
Genetic Algorithm

Information Technology, Duhok Technical Institute As Presenter

May, 2019
FPGAs: general Overview

Information Technology, Duhok Technical Institute As Presenter

May, 2019
Spartan XC-3500 Specification and Restrictions

Information Technology, Duhok Technical Institute As Presenter

May, 2019
Introduction to Swarn Intelligence

Information Technology, Duhok Technical Institute As Presenter

May, 2019
Global optimization Overview

Information Technology, Duhok Technical Institute As Presenter

Training Course
Dec, 2018 - Dec, 2018
Online Platform for Academic Teaching and Learning in Iraq and Iran (OPATEL)

Tehran, International

OPATEL is a three years project started on October 15, 2016, and funded by the European Union through Erasmus+ programme that concentrates on providing Iraqis and Iranian students and teachers with competencies and skills needed by using Learning Management Systems in Education.