Mohamed Sadeq Younes, bachelor of Nursing, MSc. of Health Psychology

Feb, 2015
MSc. Health Psychology


Girne American University

Jul, 2000
Nursing Scinece


University of Mosul

May, 2022
Assistant Lecturer
Professional Experience
Sep, 2006 - Jun, 2021

Zakho Technical Institute


Teaching in Nursing department

Jul, 2004 - Jun, 2006
Nursing Care

Sinjar General Hospital


Work in many departments in Sinjar general Hospital

Nov, 2000 - Jun, 2004
Nursing Care


Azadi Hospita in Kerkuk

Working with critical cases at CCU department


Working with psychotic clients

Nursing Care:

First Aid, Nursing care for all kinds of diseases

Health Psychology:



Psychiatric Nursing

Publication Journal
Jun, 2021
Impact of posttraumatic stress syndrome on GPA For Yazidi students studying at Duhok Polytechnical University

International Journal of Psychosocial Rehabilitation (Issue: Issue 02, 2021) (Volume: 25)

This study shows the impact of post-traumatic syndrome on the cumulative rate of students studying at Duhok Polytechnic University. The 314 students from different levels at Duke Polytechnic University are targeted randomly selected. In order to answer the hypotheses of the study, the computational averages, the Pearson correlation coefficient, and the use of the T-test were used where the results indicated the following: The increase in post-traumatic syndrome is associated with an increase in mental unit feeling. The level of mental unity is higher in the group of two sources compared to the group of non-traumatized people. The existence of statistical differences between males and females in the level of the post-traumatic syndrome, and this is higher among females. The existence of statistical differences between males and females in the low cumulative rate of male and female enrollment and this is higher for females. In the light of the results, a number of recommendations and proposals have been formulated that could contribute to improving student coping with a post-traumatic syndrome, improving the cumulative rate and improving social communication. Key words: Post-traumatic syndrome Disorder - GPA– Students - Shock

Apr, 2020
The effect of occupational stress on mental health A case study on a sample of nurses that working in PAR Hospital Erbil City at the Kurdistan region of Iraq

Mohamed Sadeq Younes Morad Alibrahim (Issue: 4) (Volume: 14)

Objective: This research aims to introduce occupational pressures, their types and stages, and introduce mental health, as well as the effect of occupational stresses on mental health among nurses that working in PAR Hospital . Method: On the theoretical side, the researcher used the descriptive method, and in the applied aspect, he used the application (SPSS) to analyze the results of the questionnaire form distributed to 50 nurses working in PAR Hospital . Results: The researcher concluded that occupational stresses affect the mental health of nurses working in Bar Hospital, and that there are other pressures that affect mental health not covered in this research. Discussion: The researcher called for the hospital administration to pay attention to training employees to get rid of occupational pressures and reduce its effects, and Health institutions should pay attention to research and studies that discuss occupational pressures and their effects. And the Nurses must do some exercise daily or weekly as maximum to minimize the impact of occupational stress Keywords : Mental Health, Occupational Stresses, Nursing Occupation, Stresses, Par Hospital