Jan, 2017

Industerial Microbiology


Jan, 2009

Biology department

Education Duhok university

Jan, 2019
Assistant Lecturer
Professional Experience
Sep, 2017 - Sep, 2019
Assistant Lecturer in microbiology

pharmacy department

Duhok technical institute

lecturer of medical microbiology laboratory

Jan, 2013 - Jan, 2014
Demonstrator in microbiology

midwifery department

Duhok technical institute

demonstrator in microbiology laboratory

Jan, 2011 - Feb, 2012
Demonstrator in microbiology

nursing department

Duhok technical institute

Demonstrator in microbiology laboratory


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Jan, 2017 - Jan, 2018
Member of the scientific committee

Member of the scientific committee of midwifery department

Duhok technical institute

Jan, 2013 - Jan, 2014

Rapporteur in the department of midwifery

Duhok technical institute

Jan, 2013 - Jan, 2014
Member of the examination committee

Member of the examination committee of the department of midwifery

Duhok technical institute

Publication Journal
Apr, 2020
Saw Dust Powder Hydrolysis as a Carbon Source for the Production of Citric Acid by Three Isolates of the Fungus Aspergillus niger

IOSR journal of pharmacy and biological sciences(IOSR_JPBS)

Abstract: Three isolates of the fungus Aspergillus niger were used in this study to determine their abilities for citric acid production using acid hydrolysis of the sawdust as a basal medium and carbon source at concentration of 15% sugar. The results showed that the accumulation of citric acid was increased with an increase in fermentation time and the highest yield was obtained at 8 days of incubation,(8.37g/l, 63.22%) for An1, (8.94g/l, 44.04%) for An2 and (9.77g/l, 50.26%)for An3, respectively. The results also indicated that citric acid production was affected by the nitrogen source presents in the fermentation medium and most superior one was ammonium sulphate at concentration of 0.55% and the best yield (16.88g/l, 83.32%) was achieved using this source in the case of fungal isolate An1. The effect of the addition of calcium chloride and ethanol to fermentation medium on citric acid production was also investigated and the data demonstrated that the highest accumulation of the acid was obtained in medium containing 0.03% calcium chloride and 2% ethanol in the tested isolate An2, (37.29g/l, 153.08%).

Apr, 2018
Effect of some physiological factors on citric acid production by three isolates of Aspergillus niger acid-hydrolyzed sawdust as a carbon source

Revista Innovaciencia (Volume: 6 No 2(2018))

Abstract Introduction: Citric acid (2-hydroxy-propane-1, 2, 3-tricarboxylic acid) was first isolated from lemon juice in 1784. It is a primary metabolic product which is formed in the tricarboxylic acid (Krebs) cycle. It is estimated that the market value of citric acid will exceed two billion dollars in 2019. About 70% of total citric acid produced globally is utilized in food industry, while about 12% is utilized in pharmaceuticals and cosmetic industries and the remainder in other industrial purposes. The industrial production of citric acid is undertaken by fermentation process in the presence of filamentous fungi for large scale of production. Aspergillus niger is the most efficient fungus due to its ability to produce more citric acid per unit time and ferment different inexpensive raw materials. Materials and Methods: Three isolates of the fungus Aspergillus niger (An1, An2, An3) were used throughout this study using different carbon source concentration in the form of sawdust acid hydrolysis supplemented with different concentration of (NH4)2H2SO4 as a nitrogen source. The effect of hydrogen ion concentration and addition of methanol to the fermentation medium was also investigated. Results and Discussion: The results indicated that the optimization of carbon and nitrogen concentration had stimulating effect on citric acid production by the three used isolates. Moreover, addition of methanol at concentration of 1% at pH of 3.5 highly increased citric acid production. Conclusion: we concluded that the agriculture waste was a favorable substrate for the production of citric acid especially it is cost effective and easily obtainable.

Jun, 2020 - Jun, 2020
1st international virtual conference on pure sciences (WSCPS)

online at zoom program As Guest

university of Al-Qadisiyah- collage of science - Iraq.

Jan, 2019 - Jan, 2019
تحضير وتقويم التقارير والسمينارات الطلابية- انجازات البحوث الجامعية ونشرها في المجالات العلمية المعتمدة

Duhok Polytechinc University-Duhok technical institute-Azadi Hall As Guest

المحور الاول: تحضير وتقويم التقارير والسمينارات الطلابية المحور الثاني: انجازات البحوث الجامعية ونشرها في المجالات العلمية المعتمدة

Dec, 2013 - Dec, 2013
Medical Sciences Interactive Staff Workshop

cultural center of Duhok university As Guest

organized by Duhok Polytechinc University in Collaboration with the Jordan University of Science and Technology.

Training Course
Jan, 2014 - Apr, 2014
Computer proficiency course

Presidency of Duhok university\ computer center, National

learn the fundamental computer programs

Aug, 2013 - Sep, 2013
Teaching methods

Zakho technical institute, National

learn the fundamental education and teaching methods and psycology


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