Aug, 2011
MSc. In Information Technology - M.Tech

Collage of Engineering - Department of Computer Science and Engineering - IT

JNTU - Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University - Hyderabad

Jul, 2004
BSc. In Computer Technical Engineering

Computer Technical Engineering \ Technical Collage

NTU - Northern Technical University\ Mosul

May, 2020
Jan, 2012
Assistant Lecturer
Professional Experience
Sep, 2021 - Apr, 2022
Director of Scientific Research Center

Akre Technical College - ATC


We are focused on maintaining and improving levels of research integrity. We expect researchers to manage and conduct their research with the utmost professionalism and with respect and regard for humans, animals, and the environment, irrespective of their funding situation, research area, experience, or working arrangement.

Jan, 2017 - Sep, 2019
Head of Department

Zakho Technical Institute - ZTI

Department of Surveying

Managing and monitoring the department and making a cooperation with staff and students daily activities in academic years.

Apr, 2012 - Jan, 2017
Represent of Teachers

Zakho Technical Institute - ZTI

Zakho Technical Institute

Cooperation with all staff at Zakho Technical Institute.

Jan, 2012 - Jul, 2019
Member of Examination Committee.

Zakho Technical Institute - ZTI

Zakho Technical Institute

from 2012 - till now.

Jan, 2012 - Jan, 2015
Administer of laboratories

Zakho Technical Institute - ZTI

Zakho Technical Institute

Administer and manage all laboratories in the Department of Information Technology.

Oct, 2004 - May, 2019
Teaching and Supervising

Zakho Technical Institute - ZTI

IT Department

The teaching of Studen Course and Supervising of Studen Project for the Following Subjects (form the period 2004 - 2018): 1 – Computer Organization. 2 – Logic Circuit. 3 – Computer Architecture. 4 – Computer Network. 5 – Operating System. 6 – Web Technologies (HTML, XML Only) 7 – Computer Application.

Oct, 2004 - Apr, 2008
Rapporteur of Department

Zakho Technical Institute - ZTI

Department of Computer System

Monitoring and managing all activities in the department, cooperation with the head of department, staff and students.

Computer Systems:

Assembly and Disassembly Digital Computer System (Hardware and Software).


Network Hardware, CISCO Router and Switching

System Software:

MS-DOS, Windows, and Linux Operating System.

Application software:

Ms-Office ( Word, Excel, Database and PPt).

Programming Languages:

Assembly, C++, VC++, C#, VC#, Java. Programmable logic and Software and Python.

Information and Computer Engineering:

Information Technology and Management, Networking, Information and Communications Technology, IT Entrepreneurship and Management, Digital Systems Technology and Embedded Systems, Web Design, Software Application Development and System Administration.

Research Interests::

I'm interested in earning knowledge of the areas that researchers are interested in and do a lot of research. My current research interests include the case study of social media, e-learning, and performance assessment of algorithms.

Other Interests and Activities::

Reading, Travelling, Football, Swimming and Walking.....etc

Aug, 2004 - Jul, 2019
Kurdistan Engineering Union

Kurdistan Engineering Union


Jul, 2004 - Jan, 2019
Iraq Engineering Union



Nov, 2018 - Nov, 2018

Kurdistan Regional - Iraq, University of Zakho and DPU As Presenter

2 - Days Organized by:- The University of Zakho and Duhok Polytechnic University

Feb, 2022 - Mar, 2022
Workshop \ Duhok polytechnic University

Confarance Hall \ Akre Technical Institute by Dr. Wafaa and Mr. Ramazan As Guest

Ranking Criteria Based on NUR

May, 2022
Seminar Presentation at Informatics College and Institute

Dep. of Business Administration, Aker Technical College As Attend

May, 2022
Seminar Presentation

Dep. of Business Administration, Aker Technical College As Presenter

May, 2022
Seminar Attend

Dep. of Business Administration, Aker Technical College As Attend

Training Course
Dec, 2013 - Jan, 2014
English for academic Purposes

EMU - Cyprus, National

Sending by the Duhok Polytechnic University to Cyprus for the Purpose of Improving the English Language 2013.

Aug, 2011 - Sep, 2011

Net-metric Solution Institute - Private - LTD, National

Router and Switching

May, 2011 - May, 2010

Zoom Technology Institute - Private - LTD, National

MS Exchange Server 2013 • Installation of Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 • Configuring Mailbox Servers • Deploying Client Access Server • Managing Recipient Objects • Managing Mailbox Permission • Configuring Messaging Client Connectivity • Configuring Message Transport • Implementing High Availability • Implementing Disaster Recovery • Configuring an Anti-Spam Solution • Configuring Role-Based Access Control • Configuring Microsoft Office Outlook