Apr, 2014

civil engineering (transportation)

Eastern Mediterranean university

Jun, 2004
B. Sc.

civil engineering (general)

university of Mosul

Apr, 2019
Assistant Lecturer
2010 - June 2015 (General directory of housing and roads with bridges at Dohuk city):

• Worked as a designer engineer in the department of road design & survey (more than 50km road length survey and had be designed in two years (2010 to 2012) with my office staff).

Summer 2012:

• work with Bekhal Company as a site engineer for implementing the main two-way road of Zaweta (1.1 km).

Summer 2013:

work with Daren Company as a site engineer for implementing the main road of Deralok town (3.8 km).

2008-2010 (Everest International Company, Qirga Quarter, Silymania, Iraq.):

• work as a site engineer to construct road networks with network of sewerage pipes and checking the structure and survey works to build 2 km double box-culvert (2.5 m width *3 m height).

2006- 2008 (Burhan International Company, Badawa Quarter, Erbil, Iraq):

• work as a site Engineering of civil works in the project Urban Rehabilitation for water supply system and implementing Rigid and Flexible roads.


traffic studies , road design , traffic safety , road drawing , road estimation , Surveying by GPS & total station


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