Sawer Sabri, I originally born in Shekhan and now I am a health specialist and lecturer. Specialist in Haematopathology. I teach hematology. My interest in haematology began when I was a student in Colloge of Medicine. I earned my Doctor of Medicine at University of Duhok College of Medicine after completing six years as medical student, my undergrade degree in Medicine in Duhok University and awarded Board degree in Haematopathology at Kurdistani Board For Medical Specialities in Erbil. Prior to my arrival to Duhok polytechnic University, Completed Junior house officer and Senior House Officer at Azadi Teaching Hospital , Duhok General Directorate of Health. I earned my Doctor of Medicine at University of Duhok School of Medicine after completing six years as medical student When not at University, I work at Azadi Teaching Hospital.

Nov, 2016
Haematopathologist and Lecturer

Medical Laboratory Technology

Duhok Polytechnic University

Dec, 2018
Professional Experience
Sep, 2029 - Apr, 2020

Duhok Polytechnic University, Shekhan Technical College of Health, Azadi Teaching Hospital

Duhok, Shekhan

WORK EXPERIENCE Directorate General of Health - Duhok - Iraq Junior House Officer (Doctor) 1. In Azadi General Teaching Hospital: Surgical department , Obstetric and Gyn Department, Medical department, Emergency medicine department ENT, dermatology and ophthalmology department 2. Dohuk Emergency and Accident Hospital 3. Zakho General Hospital, 4. Heevi Pediatrics Hospital: Pediatric Emergency department, In-Patient Pediatric Department, Qasrok Primary Health Care Center Rural Physician Directorate General of Health- Duhok General Practitioner (Full Time) October 2007 — October 2009 Azadi Teaching Hospital Senior House Officer At Laboratory Medicine (Pathology, Hematology , Microbiology, & Biochemistry) Duhok Polytechnic University & Azadi Teaching Hospital Specialist Laboratory Doctor (Hematopathologist) Duhok Polytechnic University - Shekhan Head Of MLT Department Managerial Experience leading projects such as research Designing and implementing teaching programs Representing Collegues on Committees like team meeting Managing students by providing guidance and feedback to help them strengthen their skills and knowledge base. Teaching Experience Aware of all current Equality and Diversity legislation Ability to maintain high standards of achievement, behavior, discipline and punctuality amongst students. Experience of recruitment of staff including interviewing and induction. Knowledge of health and safety issues. Knowledge of health and safety issues Teaching is the process of attending to people’s needs, experiences and feelings, and intervening so that they learn particular things, and go beyond the given ". I am in this profession of teaching in an university for about 6 years. I think once you find your students are not able to understand a particular concept you should be ready to adapt new methods of teaching to explain to them QUALIFICATIONS November 2016 — Present February 2018 — Present Certificate In Computer Proficiency Test By The University Of Dohuk in 2011 TOEFL Paper Based Test (PBT) awarded in December 2010 TOEFL Internet Based Test (IBT) awarded in September 2018 Fluent in Kurdish (Mother tongue), Arabic, and Professional English REFERENCES References available upon request.

IT and Softwares:

Target setting Training Administrative IT skills Research Planning


Reading To Upgrade With New Deadline Of Medicine generally and Hematopathology particularly, Computer & Internet, English Language, Sports: Football, Swimming, Table Tennis

Nov, 2026 - Apr, 2020
Kurdistani Board for Medical Specialization

Kurdistani Board for Medical Specialization. Registration No. 104


Dec, 2019 - Dec, 2020
KurdistKurdistan Doctor Syndicate.

Registration No. 2442


Jan, 2016 - Current
Kurdistan Pathologists Association

Kurdistan Pathologists Association

Duhok/ Erbil

Publication Journal
Jun, 2021
Hematological and Morphological Changes in the Peripheral Blood Smear of Patients with COVID-19

J Kermanshah Univ Med Sci

Background: The novel coronavirus is responsible for a widespread pandemic, causingmultiple clinicalmanifestations. Peripheral blood films have shown changes in white blood cell (WBC) morphology and counts, as well as platelet abnormalities. Atypical and reactive lymphocytes may also be observed in the blood film, which suggests mild leukoerythroblastosis. Objectives: The present study aimed to evaluate the hematological and morphological changes in the peripheral blood smear of patients with COVID-19. Methods: This study was conducted on 175 patients diagnosed with COVID-19 infection. Blood samples were collected from the patients and examined for the estimation of blood parameters, differential cell count, and presence of atypical lymphocytes. Results: The mean age of the patients was 53.73 years, and males constituted 52.6% of the patients. The majority had normal hemoglobin levels. WBC count was normal in 60.6% of the patients, while 74.3% had normal platelet count, and thrombocytopenia was detected in 23.4%. In addition, differential WBC count indicated that 56.6% of the patients had normal neutrophils, while lymphopenia was detected in 28 and 77.7% had a low eosinophil count. The peripheral blood smears showed atypical lymphocytes with deeply basophilic cytoplasm in 21.14% of the patients. Conclusions: Blood film examination may show multiple abnormal findings in patients with COVID-19 infection. Neutrophilia and lymphopenia with the presence of atypical lymphocytes are frequently observed as wel

Jun, 2021
Hematological parameters in adult patients with COVID-19; A case-control study

International Journal of Infection (Issue: 8) (Volume: 4)

Background: The coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic is a serious public health concern worldwide. The virus mainly causes respiratory symptoms, but its manifestations might be different. Assessments showed that COVID-19 can cause various alterations in the blood parameters. Objectives: This study aimed to detect the most common changes in the blood parameters in COVID-19 patients and compare them with healthy individuals. Methods: In this study, 350 individuals were grouped into two equal groups of COVID-19 patients and healthy controls. Results: The mean age of patients was 53.73 years, and males constituted 52.57% of them. Middle aged patients constituted about 55.43% of participants, elderly patients 26.29%, and young patients 18.29%. There was a significant correlation between COVID-19 and all the blood parameters, including Hb, MCV, WBC, neutrophils, lymphocytes, monocytes, eosinophils, and platelets (P= 0.000). Conclusions: Infection with COVID-19 is associated with multisystem symptoms and signs, as well as numerous laboratory abnormalities. An increased focus should be on changes in the blood parameters as valuable markers in suggesting the infection when the reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) is negative. These parameters can give clues about the severity of the infection and predict the admission to the intensive care unit (ICU).

Jul, 2020
Effects of thyroid dysfunction on hematological parameters: Case controlled study

Annals of Medicine and Surgery (Volume: 57)

Introduction: The thyroid gland has a very important role in hematopoiesis, blood disorders are frequently seen in patients with thyroid disorders. Thyroid hormones have direct effect on blood parameters by stimulating erythrocytes precursors and indirectly by enhancing erythropoietin production. Patients and methods: This is a case-control study which included 300 subjects who were grouped to 3 equal groups as a control, hypothyroidism, and hyperthyroidism groups. Patients with inherited or acquired red cell abnormalities, those receiving treatment for thyroid disorder or anemia, patient with chronic diseases, aged <12 years, pregnant ladies and patients unwilling to participate in the study were excluded. Results: The mean age of patients is 40.72 years, and females constituted 60.7% of cases. The analyses showed a significant difference the RBC, HB, MCV, MCHC, RDW, and WBC (P values 0.000, 0.000, 0.001,, and 0.027) respectively, while platelets showed no significant correlation (P value 0.08). The univariate analyses showed that RBC, the HB, and the WBC were the most severely affected parameters (Sig. 0.000, 0.000, and 0.005) respectively. Conclusion: The study concluded that females are more affected by thyroid disorders than males and the peak age is at the forties, thyroid dysfunction affect all blood parameters except platelets.The follow up of patients with thyroid disorders should include the complete blood count and patients diagnosed with anemia should be evaluated for thyroid disorders before iron therapy. Cases of anemia that resist treatment should be investigated for the possibility of thyroid dysfunction.

May, 2012 - May, 2016
Arab Division of international Academy of pathology

Iraq, Erbil As Guest

In Collaboration with Kurdistani Board of Laboratory Medicine and Iraqi Society of pathology held in Erbil

Feb, 2022 - Jan, 1970
Quality Assurance requirements and National Universities Ranking Requirements

Shekhan College of Health and Medical Technology As Guest

Workshop started at 10 am to 2 pm

Oct, 2021 - Oct, 2021
Problem Resolution in Transfusion Medicine

College Of Medicine As Guest

Workshop started at 18th October and continued for Four consecutive Mondays

Apr, 2020 - Jun, 2023

Duhok, Erbil As Presenter

Field specific workshop on different subjects and on different occasions.

Apr, 2022
Sero-prevalenco of H. Pylori

MLT, Hall No. 1 As Attend

Apr, 2022
Sensitivity and specificity

Nursing, Hall No. 1 As Attend

Mar, 2022
G6PD deficiency

MLT, Hall No. 1 As Presenter

Mar, 2022
Hydatid disease

MLT, Hall No. 2 As Attend

Mar, 2022
Viral Hepatitis B, C

Public health, Hall No. 1 As Attend

Mar, 2022
Relative risk

Public health, Hall No. 6 As Attend

Mar, 2022

MLT, Hall No. 7 As Presenter

Mar, 2022
Woman and Diabetes Mellitus

Public health, . As Attend

Mar, 2022

MLT, Hall No. 7 As Attend

Feb, 2022

MLT, 5 As Attend

Feb, 2022
Short stature

Public health, Hall No. 7 As Attend

Feb, 2022
Thrombocytopenia during pregnancy

Public health, 5 As Attend

Jan, 2022
Blood donation

MLT, Hall No. 1 As Presenter

Jan, 2022
Jan, 2022
Gastric disease

Public health, Hall No. 1 As Attend

Jan, 2022

MLT, . As Attend

Apr, 2020
Training Course
May, 2012 - May, 2016
An intensive Educational Course for Iraqi pathologist improvement

Hawler, International

In Collaboration with Kurdistani Board of Laboratory Medicine and Iraqi Society of Pathology held in Erbil


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