Mar, 2010
MSC. Business Admenestration

Business management

University of Duhok

Jun, 2002
BSc. Business admenestration

Business management

University of Duhok

Sep, 2015
Oct, 2010
Assistant Lecturer
Professional Experience
Oct, 2017 - Jun, 2019

Duhok Polytechnic unioversity

Duhok/ Kurdistan region

Giving lectures on Organization theory for the second class at Business administration department.

Oct, 2016 - Oct, 2017

university of Duhok

Duhok/ Kurdistan region

Doing lecturers on E- management for the forth class at Business Administration. And Risks and Insurance for the third class of the same department.

Oct, 2016 - Oct, 2018

Duhok private technical institute

Duhok/ Kurdistan region

Giving lectures on Organization theory for the second class for the Business administration department.

Nov, 2014 - May, 2015
Assistnat Lecturer

Newroz university

Duhok/ Kurdistan region

Doing lecturers on Statistics for the first class at Accounting department.

Oct, 2010 - Oct, 2016
Assistnat Lecturer

Amedi Technical Institute

Amedi / Kurdistan region

Doing lecturers on Marketing for the first class for the marketing department. Also giving lectures on Public relations for the same department.


Doing presentations in different subjects.


Magazines, news papers, and books.

Publication Journal
Dec, 2017
دور المعرفة الضمنية في نجاح تسويق الذات (دراسة استطلاعية لاراء عينة من الفنانين المسجلين في نقابة الفنانين الكوردستانيين/فرع دهوك)

Humanities Journal of University of Zakho (Issue: 4) (Volume: 5)

The research aims to diagnose the role of implicit knowledge on self-marketing Success. Three dimensions of implicit knowledge were selected which were include in this study which were expertise, thinking, and skill. Six indicators of self-marketing success were also chosen which developing relations were, Self-confidence, the ability to convince. Take initiative and Being patient and determined. The research sample consisted of (80) artists whom are members of Kurdistan Artists Syndicate/Duhok those who work in the field of music, theatre, arts, and cinema. A questionnaire was use as essential means to collect data and by a serval statistic tools research hypothesis was tested. The most important research conclusions are there is significant correlation between implicit knowledge and self-marketing success; and implicit knowledge affect significantly in self-marketing success. The research presents a number of suggestions which include the necessary of acquiring implicit knowledge by artists, and inforce the level of their implicit knowledge by their continuous observation of the customers favorites and the businesses done by their competitors and the direction of market growth, and the importance of the cooperation between and academic enterprise to develop artists, self-marketing by making them participate in special training program.